Land Drainage Stone

Badly drained land can have a serious impact on a farmer’s ability to make a profit.

Tractor spreading drainage stone on land.

Bennettsbridge Limestone has a range of drainage stone products suitable for your individual land drainage requirements.

Benefits of improved land drainage to a grassland farmer:

  • Increased yield and lower production costs
  • An extended grazing season
  • Reduced surface damage by livestock
  • Improved trafficability/accessibility for machinery
  • Reduced reliance on supplementary feedstuffs
  • Reduced disease risk to livestock
  • Better availability of N in soil


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Land Drainage

According to Teagasc, poor roadways have a big impact on cow flow and herd health. Having well maintained roadways is crucial for the maintenance of milk yield and avoiding issues such as lameness and infertility in both bulls and cows.

Bennettsbridge Limestone Animal Feed Lime can be fed through a diet feeder or more simply thrown on the silage in front of the stock. For information on specific supplementation rates please contact your vet, animal health adviser or nutritionist.
Bennettsbridge Limestone is a high calcium limestone quarry that has been making feed grade calcium carbonate powders since 1993. We manufacture our superfine calcium carbonate cubicle lime in a modern state of the art limestone powders plant.
Bennettsbridge Limestone Hi-Calcium Agri Lime has surpassed the specification of the Department of Agriculture by almost 10%.

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