SR 21 Annex E – Concrete Floors & Footpaths

We manufacture and supply SR 21 Annex E products for under concrete floors and footpaths

Quarried from our high purity limestone reserve in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, we specialise in producing high quality crushed stone for under concrete floors and footpaths.


The National Building Regulation’s Technical Guidance Document (TGD) C – “Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture,” states that hardcore for use under concrete floors and footpaths must comply with SR 21 Annex E.

To be certified to manufacture and supply SR 21 Annex E products, Bennettsbridge Limestone is audited annually by the NSAI for certification of compliance of our Factory Production Controls (FPC) as outlined in I.S. EN 13242:2002.

SR 21 Annex E specifies four products for use under concrete floors and footpaths:

SR 21 Annex E – T0 STRUC

SR 21 Annex E – T1 STRUC

SR 21 Annex E – T2 PERM

SR 21 Annex E -T3 BLIND




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SR 21 Annex E – Product Outlines

May be used up to a level not closer than 900mm below the radon barrier/DPM. Thereafter, ‘T1 Struc’ and/or ‘T2 Perm’ is used to make up the 900mm to the radon barrier/DPM.
Can be used beneath blinding layer where a gas permeable layer (T2 Perm) is not required or can be used under 200mm of ‘T2 Perm’ to any depth.
This is a gas permeable material and must be used beneath the blinding layer and wherever a radon sump is present. The layer must not be less than 200mm in depth. For residential loading, ‘T2 Perm’ may be used as the sole fill material up to a maximum depth of 900mm or ‘T1 Struc’ may be used beneath it
Used in all cases to blind off the top layer of the hardcore and so is used immediately below the radon barrier/ DPM, to mitigate the risk of puncture.

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