Hydrated Cubicle Lime

Our Hydrated Cubicle Lime provides ultimate cow comfort and prevents mastitis causing bacteria

Farmer applying hydrated cubicle lime

Our Hydrated Cubicle Lime is formulated using a blend of our high calcium limestone and hydrated lime. Our Hydrated Cubicle Lime is blended at various strengths including 10%, 30% and 50%; Higher concentration rates of hydrated lime will result in higher absorbent rates and stronger antibacterial properties.

Our Hydrated Cubicle Lime benefits include: 

  • Highly absorbent
  • Aids in the prevention of mastitis
  • Raises pH of farm effulent
  • Non irritant, increasing comfort for the cow
  • Stays in suspension in slurry

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Cubicle Limes

Bennettsbridge Limestone Cubicle Lime is designed for dairy livestock bedding applications. Our high surface area limestone powder is specifically formulated making it one of the most absorbent cubicle limes on the market.
Bennettsbridge Limestone Hydrated Cubicle Lime is a unique product that we have formulated using a blend of high calcium limestone and hydrated lime, for the ultimate cow comfort due to the high absorption rates.

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