Concrete and Bituminous Aggregates

The Concrete and Bituminous (Tarmacadam) Industries are among the largest consumers of aggregate raw materials in Ireland.

In 2002 Bennettsbridge Limestone installed a specialised high output aggregate crushing and screening plant and since then we have become the largest supplier of aggregate raw materials to the Concrete and Bituminous sectors in the South East.

The quality of your Concrete and Tarmacadam is only as good as the raw materials it’s made with. We have a high quality limestone reserve that has undergone extensive suitability testing for the following EN standards:

  1. I.S. EN 12620 (S.R. 16) Aggregates for Concrete
  2. I.S. EN 13043 (S.R. 17) Aggregates for Bituminous Mixtures


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